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Sports Performance and Athletic Rehab

As a Physical Therapist specialized in orthopedics and certified in weightlifting, my goal is to restore and fully equip my athletes to a point that they are better than prior to their injury. For some, proactive care may be appropriate in reducing risk of reinjury.

I get the pleasure to treat conditions such as: ligament reconstruction/sprains, graded musculature strains, joint restrictions, chronic wear and tear, peripheral nerve entrapments, spinal radiculopathies, movement coordination issues, and more. But I also get to help athletes improve their lifts and reach their fitness goals.

With this program you are guaranteed individualized orthopedic assessment and diagnosis, biomechanics and functional movement examination, prescribed exercise instruction, at home programming, skilled manual therapy, and return to sport clearance testing. 

We understand that time away from athletic endeavors to injury is frustrating and can discourage individuals. I plan to work with and guide you towards a quick and speedy recovery

Weightlifter, athlete

What's included?

Sports Injury
"Very knowledgeable and has greatly helped me with my shoulder. I got to the point where I couldn’t do basic tasks and Jake diagnosed and helped me get back to a better quality of life as well as lifting weights. Highly recommend for any type of therapy whether it be sports related or just to get back to a better quality of life! Won’t go to anyone else!"

Elliot J.

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