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Nomadic Physical Therapy is a service based practice that brings rehabilitation to your door

We believe in providing quality, one on one care for individuals that is not dictated by insurance companies. Our goal is to provide a rehabilitation program that allows you to optimize your time and return to life's activities without limitations. We know that the better one understands their body and how it functions, the better they can thrive

At Nomadic Physical Therapy, we value adaptability, diligence, and a paragon lifestyle

Adaptability: life will always bring challenges. As "nomads", we strive to be able to shift the priorities in response to the demands of a situation, continuously moving in a direction towards a better outcome

Diligence: steady, earnest, and energetic work to reach your individualized goals

Paragonstriving to exceed standards in all opportunities on the path to excellence 



Why Choose a Cash-Based PT?

Insurance-Based Physical Therapy

  • Treatment sessions shared between providers, PT assistants, technicians, students

  • May need to wait 2-4 weeks to establish care

  • Treatment only able to be provided on body part listed on referral from provider

  • May be treated along with 1-2 other patients, resulting in less focus on your individual needs

  • Spend $200-300 + Copay ($0-60) each session (dependent on insurance plan)

  • Need to consider drive time, child care, scheduling conflicts before 8am or after 5pm


Cash-Based Physical Therapy

  • 1 -on- 1 treatment (with the same therapist each visit!)

  • No waitlist to begin treatment

  • No limitations on treating multiple body regions at one time

  • Transparent Pricing

  • No Visit Limit

  • Proactive care to reduce injury risk

  • 3 treatment location options for your convenience

  • FSA/HSA plans accepted

  • Flexible treatment times from 7am-7pm

  • No time wasted driving, looking for child care

** In TN, no written referral required!

Our Story

Dr. Jacob & Dr. Mariah Lohr, Physical Therapists

Nomadic Physical Therapy was formed in 2023 by Jacob and Mariah Lohr

The couple met in their doctorate of physical therapy program before getting married in 2022.  After gaining years of experience working in outpatient, insurance run clinics, they realized they were ready to take on a new challenge - starting their own business

The purpose of the company was clear from day one: To offer physical therapy services without restrictions from insurance and with a holistic approach. Injuries and pain don't affect just one body part, but require treatment of the whole person.

Our model provides us the opportunity to treat your individualized needs without barriers

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